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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Andie's Kitchen can cater a wide variety of events – from retreats to weddings, corporate functions to children's birthday parties – all with a focus on local superfoods.

Chef Andie has catered for such health-focused US companies as Yoga Works, Xanadu Life and selected Whole Foods Market events, and appeared at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival in 2013 and 2014.
Chef Andie is the executive chef for the Jean Houston Foundation and ELLSSA's, The Social Artistry Odyssey for Emerging Leaders.

Chef Andie will create a unique superfood menu to suit your needs, diet and event and is available to travel to any location in the world for your special day.

Addiction can keep you away from your true power and light.

Andie Leon
Andie's Kitchen caters to a wide variety of events all with a focus on local superfoods, she creates everything from destination to weddings, corporate functions to children's birthday parties.

She has catered for health-focused companies such as yoga works, Xunadu life and selected Wholefoods events like the Los Angeles food and wine festival 2013- 2014.
Andie is the executive chef for Jean Houston foundation and ELLSSA's, The Social Artistry Odyssey for Emerging Leaders.

Andie will create a unique superfood menu to suit your needs, diet and event and is available to travel to any location in the world for your special day.

One cannot think, love, sleep well, if one has not dined well

Virginia Woolf
Transform your restaurant from ordinary to extraordinary. The dining public is more focused on health and wellbeing than ever before and Andie’s Kitchen can create unique recipes with a superfood twist for your business.
Whether you're looking for a few healthy options or to completely redesign your menu, Chef Andie has the knowledge and experience you need. For the home cook, she can help spice up your regular family meals and give your loved ones a healthy boost.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all

Harriet van Horne
Regarded as an expert in the field of superfoods, Chef Andie has lectured at Riverside University, California and taught workshops and cooking demonstrations in the greater Los Angeles area. She also ran sell-out classes for Whole Foods Market for three years.  She has compiled a library of unique healthy recipes, from superfood protein bars to hemp pesto, superfood spices, super-red organic pasta, superfood sauces and many more.
Chef Andie has also developed superfood products for a wide variety of US companies.

She loves teaching and looks forward to holding a workshop or cooking class for you. Contact us make a booking.

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

J.R.R. Tolkien
There is a growing interest in the healing abilities of medicinal CBD oil. Chef Andie has worked in the US with both children and adults suffering various health conditions and has helped improve the quality of their lives, using CBD oils with tinctures and superfoods. She can create the best formula for your needs, combined with an eating plan.
One of Andie's healing dishes is featured in the upcoming show Cooking on High for Warner Bros. Her many recipes focus on various health conditions and have been featured in magazines and a cookbook published by Skyhorse. Please contact Andie directly for details.

About Andie

Good food, good people, good times, life is too short for anything less.

Irish Proverb
My culinary career began in 2010, when I quit the film industry to heal myself from an eating disorder that almost took my life.  I discovered the power of organic foods, wholefoods and superfoods as sources of nutrition and health and was inspired to specialise in that field.

I have travelled the world to learn and understand traditional recipes and techniques, adding superfood ingredients to create meals that are both nutritious and delicious.

Combined with formal culinary training and studies in holistic nutrition, I soon gained a reputation as a superfood chef in the United States.
I taught cooking classes for two years at Whole Foods in Los Angeles, appeared on TV and online, developed healthier menus for top restaurants, catered for wellness retreats and ran my own all-organic Hollywood restaurant, C2 Organics.

Now based in my home town Sydney, Australia, I still travel to LA for clients and appearances, and have cookbooks and US TV commitments in the pipeline.

Throughout it all, I’ve stayed true to one goal: to share the amazing healing power of superfoods with the world.

Superfood Specialist

I specialise in creating foods that promote a healthy body and soul.

Andrea Leon
Superfood Chef

Organic Food

I love farm to table organic food - the way nature intended.

Organic Food
Farm to Table

Food Consultant

I can design or re-design your menu including healthier options.


Food Portfolio

Andie’s Kitchen is not limited to a specific cuisine – our repertoire of recipes is truly multicultural, and can be adapted to the needs of raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, cleansing, gluten free, gluten-free vegetarian, paleo and organic humane omnivore diets.
“I struggled with bulimia from the age of 14 – it lasted almost 17 years,”   Andie reveals.  “In my last near-death emergency admission to hospital – one of several over the years – I finally realised I needed to change my life. I’d been exposed to conventional healing methods time and time again with no real progress, so I turned to alternative healing."

“A successful actor, I gave up life as I knew it and set out on a new direction. I studied alternative treatments, including neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, reiki, The Journey by Brandon Bays, and Christine Bannigan’s healing methods. Through my studies, I became aware that my eating disorder was a habit I needed to break."

“Eating organic foods slowly helped me overcome my negative patterns and mindset. Introducing superfoods, flowers and special herbs into my diet aided my journey to recovery. I was able to get my life back and with that a passion I didn't know existed inside me – to pursue a culinary career that would aid others suffering many types of addiction.”

Why choose Andie's Kitchen?

We Are Friendly

In Andie’s former career in acting, she spent an invaluable year teaching drama to the children of Darlinghurst Public School. “This training help me understand the value of patience, kindness and mindfulness to assist the learning journey,” she says. “It taught me that not all of us are made the same and we need to have an open heart to understand each individual’s needs.

“In my classes and workshops and as a cooking show host, I express honesty and what I believe to be my truth. You can take what resonates with you. You are the master of your own life – only you can know what truly works for your diet and healing needs.”

We have magic

An important part of Chef Andie’s method is food alchemy. “My healing process took me into the Ecuadorian Amazon, here I discovered a medicine man who taught me the method of healing foods and intentions. He taught me that to awaken the healing process, you need to become the channel of that healing energy."

“By adding Reiki or mindful thought as you cook, leaving all negative thoughts and daily troubles behind, you can truly activate this process. We sing and laugh in my kitchen. We take a breath in and ask for an intention in all our dishes. I have found the majority of the time when anyone finishes feasting on my cuisines they are lighter, happier and fuller.”

We love organic

You are what you eat – so don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake! For Chef Andie’s cooking method to work, the food source must be organic. “There is no compromise here,” she says. “Eat organic and turn your back on fruit and vegetables grown with pesticides and herbicides, and reject meat from factory, caged and tortured animals.”

Food is the best carrier for the effective absorption of vitamins, minerals and the potential healing effects of superfoods, flowers and spices. It's vital to only eat organic food for the full experience and life-changing effects food can have on the human body, mind and soul.

We Are Creative

Colour your world and expand your imagination. In Chef Andie’s cooking classes you will learn to use many different superfoods to colour and brighten food instead of artificial chemical dyes. This healthy rainbow palette will not only add valuable micronutrients vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your diet, but help re-awaken your inner child. Just as children spend hours colouring and drawing, the natural colours of superfoods can release the artist in you.

We Are Responsible

Currently our world is in a crucial condition, our oceans are polluted, our animals are becoming extinct, climate is changing and our icebergs are melting.  We have been irresponsible with the beautiful planet we call home.  

It's time to gain conscious choices of how we move forward, not only for the future of our planet and our Children, but for a better quality of life for ourselves, potentially preventing life altering disease and devastating effects to our home.  Let’s start with our food source. Demand cleaner food sources!  Our food has become solely a profit machine with no respect to life or our planet.

We Are Sustainable

I was invited to participate in the sustainability fishing convention in 2015 in Palos Verde, CA while representing Whole Foods. For my dish, I created a seasonal Supergreen King Salmon burger on hemp bread.

In Andie's Kitchen, we take pride in working hard to ensure all our practices are sustainable, from the fish we use, to promoting a vegan approach to your diet. When ordering beef, we choose grass-fed, free- roaming farms. Our chicken dishes are always organic, and from a free to roam farm. Our menus are seasonal and, when possible, local. All our superfoods are organic. These practices are at the core of our ideals, and we plan to educate the world on creating healthy, delicious Superfood diets.

What people say?

Stepping into Andie's culinary world is like tasting pure passion. Her food is delicious but the way she is able to bring together people and educate them is true magic. I've been blessed to coordinate a number of Andie's cooking classes over the years, and watching her charm the audience and create dishes that blend world's together has been such a joy for me. The only thing better than Andie's food is her personality. I'd recommend Andie for any and all events.

Sibyl S. Fenwick-Greenwood - Wholefoods - Event Manager

What people say?

Where do we begin with a women like Andie! Her way of cooking brings you to a whole new relationship with food. It is no longer a choice between healthy or tasty, with Andie you ALWAYS get both. Food becomes a love dance between what your body need and what your tongue wants. She speaks to you through her plates of magic and you can feel it from your mouth to your heart. It calls to you in a way that you finally understand how food should have always been. Her blend of herbs, flowers and superfoods will leave you speechless and forever wanting. Food will never be the same after you have experienced what Andie DISHES out ;) Her specialty with Organic Farm to Table manners and simply divine nutrients will feed your soul and help heal wounds you thought only a Physiatrist could.

Sara Morrell - Odyssey - Founder

What people say?

I have had the immense pleasure of not only enjoying Andie's incredible food, but also working with her on the WB web series Cooking on High.   By drawing on her past eating disorder, she ensures that her foods nourish the spirit, bringing light and love to each dish; whether it is singing to a soufflé as it cooks or using superfoods that specifically target the illness or ailments of her clients. Andie is a consummate professional; she cooks with her heart and her soul, creating healthy superfoods that heal those who dine on her cuisine.

Outside of the professional realm, I was delighted to be a part of her weekly test dinners, where she explored how to incorporate superfoods into various traditional ethnic cuisines, as well as diets. I can attest that her vegan casserole is, hands down, the most delicious vegan dish I have ever had the joy of eating. Having already had a multitude of the dishes she cooked in their native countries, I can say with confidence that hers were just as delicious as the original recipes and incredibly unique because of her superfood additions.  Her variations on a range of regional dishes were some of the most inspiring meals I have eaten; whether it was Jewish, Latin, Asian or European, she transported her diners through her food. She is a treasure of a chef!

Jennifer M. (Penny) Hall - Producer, Cooking On High - Assistant Director

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Andie Leon
Chef Andie ran sold out classes for Whole Foods Market for three years, she loves teaching and looks forward to holding a workshop or cooking class for you.

You can also catch a cooking class on YouTube.
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A Life Of Energy
Andie Leon
A Life of Energy is a spirited Pilates and lifestyle company, founded in 2012 by Australian health expert Caroline Leon.  Specialising in online workshop & training courses. Andie's sister Caroline, founded ALOE which focuses on the physical aspect of training for the ultimate body & mind conditioning.
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Social Artistry - Odyssey
Andie Leon
Andie will again be preparing her healing meals for those who attend this years Social Artistry Odyssey, an 8-day immersive experience designed to awaken & activate individuals, communities, & connections.

From July 28th 2017 to 4th August 2017
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What a great way to start your day - Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, these gluten free superfood treats will boost your energy levels and help you concentrate.

Stay posted for more of Andie's amazing superfood recipes.

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